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Tarceva Oral Tablet

Tarceva (erlotinib) is a member of the EGFR inhibitors drug class and is commonly used for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer.

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Buy Tarceva oral tablets as it helps in slowing down the spread of cancer cells in the body. It helps in the treatment of pancreatic or nonsmall lung cancer which spreads to different body parts.

When other cancer medicines don’t work, Tarceva is recommended. This cannot be consumed in pregnancy as it might have a harmful effect on the baby. While taking these tablets, birth control is recommended.

The doctor should be informed about lung problems if any. Also tell him about dehydration problems, liver problems or kidney problems. Regular blood tests are needed in order to avoid danger. This helps in determining the treatment duration.

Exposure to sunlight must be avoided. You should know that Tarceva can lead to dryness or rashes on the skin.

If you notice a dry cough, lung problems, vomiting, chest pain, black stools, eye pain or fever, call up your doctor and ask him the next step; he might ask you to stop using Tarceva.

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